This is an art that we have learnt through rigorous training and now impart the same to our students who enroll with us. It takes a lot of training to bring in the finesse in each student. Each student in return also put in the same amount of sincerity during the training to become experts in the field of kendo.

It is a beautiful and modern Japanese marshal art, that shows the discipline, power and strength.People who dedicate themselves to Kendo, get their ranks according to how long that have dedicated themselves to this sport.Any contest begins with exchanging bows and ends. The bow is called rei in Japanese, and expresses a wish for victory, deep respect to their instructors and gratitude to all the friends who they practice with.Kendo is a very beautiful sport. If you desire to learn more about its culture, techniques, this site is definitely for you.WE promote this outstanding Japanese martial art and hope it will gain its popularity around the world.

Please enjoy 🙂